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Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Equipment

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The ring die wood pellet mill for processing biomass materials is belt drive design which is the same as following photos. Compared with flat die mills, ring die pellet mills are more suitable in large scale commercial and industrial production. But ring die pellet mills are not as widespread as those with flat dies due to the machines' greater complexity and higher costs. As the die's name suggests, the ring die has a wide cylindrical shape and is mounted vertically, rather than flat and horizontally as with a flat die. A surge bin is used to feed biomass materials through a variable speed conditioner before materials being distributed through the pellet mill door. A screw auger is useful at this last step of centering the materials in the pellet mill chamber.

Advantages of Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Equipment:

There are two main advantages in using ring die pellet mills. First, ring die pellet mills generate less wear and tear since both the inner and outer edges of the roller traverse the same distance. Second, ring die pellet machines are more energy efficient than the flat die pellet mill. Roller slip during the pelleting process brings extra friction, but this extra friction is a good element in the production of qualified wood pellets due to the additional heat.

Photos of Ring Die Pellet Mill Euipment:

Ring Die Pellet Mill Ring Die Pellet Mill Ring Die Pellet Mill

Ring Die Pellet Mill Spare Parts:

Ring Die Roller Shaft Rollers

 The parameter and Data of Ring Die Pellet Mill Equipment:

Model Capacity Main motor power Feeding motor power Conditioner motor power Diameter of ring die Diameter of final wood pellet
250 4-8
KMPM35 0.5-0.7t/h 30*2kw 0.75+0.55kw 2.2kw 350 4-8
KMPM42 1.0-1.5t/h 90kw 1.5kw 3kw 420 6,8,10,12
KMPM508 1.5-2.0t/h 110kw 1.5kw 3.7kw 508 6,8,10,12

Main Features:

1. 98% energy transfers - meaning less energy wasted.
2. Adopting aerodynamics technology & the current round principle reduces the temperature in pelletizing chamber to around90°C. As a result the machine can work well continuously.

3. Timing feeder can control the feeding speed so as to lower the block ratio.

4. The body is more durable because of the ductile iron material.

5. Capacity increased after adding another force feeder made from stainless steel to increase the feeding spread area.

6. The key working part become stronger after modifying the material, and improving heating processing technology, etc.

These main parts are forging pieces. Now, the processing of our ring die can reach to 800-1000MT. Ring die is assembled by quick-discharge clip.

Other Features:

1. High efficiency, lower power consumption, stable operation and production.

2. Using imported bearings (NSK) & seals to get better transmission performance, stable operating, and less noise.

3. Stainless steel ring die resists corrosion and lasts longer.

4. Multi-positioning feeder enables easier installation and alignment to bins.

5. Stand-alone oil lubrication system is more effective in maintaining lubrication and keeping the bearings from premature wear.

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