mobile pellet making line

For people who are in the field of small scale pellet production, the MPL300 mobile pellet making line which can produce 250-450kg/h must be a good choice. It is an integrated set that combines hammer mill, cyclone separator, material mixing & storage bin, screw feeder, ZLSP-300B R-type pellet machine, water tank, vibrating screen, bucket conveyor, foundation frame and electric cabinet all together.

Raw material:

wood shavings, sawdust, straw, sunflower husk, hay, peanut shell, etc. It performs extremely well in wood pellet production.

mobile pellet making line

Brief information of MPL300 mobile pellet making line:

Model MPL300
Pelelt Diameter 6-12mm
Capacity 250-350kg/h
Pellet Density 1.1-1.3t/m3
Moisture content of raw material ≤8%
Overall Size (L*W*H) 3500*1960*3500mm

How to make pellets by MPL300 mobile pellet making line?

Hammer mill ---Material mixing system ---Screw feeder ---Pellet machine ---Vibrating screen ---Scraper conveyor

Main parts description

1. Crushing system: Hammer mill

  • High-carbon alloy steel blades, high speed crushing system
  • Safety locks on both sides of the cover
  • Fence is adopted to prevent over-sized material from entering the crushing chamber
hammer mill safety lock protecting fence
Hammer mill Safety lock Protecting fence

2. Material mixing and storage bin

Two portholes on both sides for monitoring and observation; Volume is 1m3.

3. Screw feeder

The feed-in capacity can be adjusted consistently and stably to assure sufficient material supply of material and avoids surplus feedstock, thus guarantees the perfect working condition of pellet machine.

storage bin material mixers screw conveyor
Storage bin Material mixers Screw conveyor

4. Pellet machine

Adopts ZLSP300B (or ZLSP400B) R-type pellet machine (rotating roller type) to make sure better result of wood pellet production.

Model ZLSP300R ZLSP400R
Wood Pellet Capacity 250-350kg/h 350-450kg/h
Packing Size (mm) 1350*750*1400 1400*800*1450
Motor Power (kw) 22 30
N.W./G.W. (kg) 540/575 770/810
Diameter of pellets (mm) 6-12
Material of flat die &roller Alloy steel
Service life of flat die & roller Min. 800 hours
  • High quality alloy steel
  • Main shaft allocates with heavy load thrust bearing to bear stronger axial force, and has longer service life.
  • All of bearings use fully sealed structure to prevent dust; improves the work environment of bearings and extend the service life of bearings.
  • The wear-resisting process is made on the roller and flat die, and both sides of flat die can be used to extend the use life.
pellet machine roller and die vibrating screen
Pellet machine Roller and die Vibrating screen

 5. Vibrating screen

  • Remove & Collect the dust and powder for reuse by the transmission of pneumatic conveying unit
  • Cool the pellets simultaneously

6. Scraper conveyor

The length and height of this conveyor can be extended by adding and connecting one extra section. There are five positioning joints at the end of the conveyor; you can adjust the height and angle of the conveyor easily. Two φ100mm soft pipes are connecting to cool the pellets.

scraper conveyor control board Schneider Electric components
Scraper conveyor Control board Schneider Electric components

7. Electronic control system

  • Compact Control Cabinet, with dust prevention design
  • High Quality Schneider Electric Brand Electric Components


This MPL300 mobile pellet making line can produce about 250-350 or 350-450kg/h, which can meet the daily requirement of a small pellet production plant. The pellets made by this equipment are smooth and have high density, suitable for burning in many stoves. Also, the pellets can bear long distance transportation and not easy to break.

If you are interested in this mobile pellet making line, please contact us for details.

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