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 1. What are pellets and what are their main characteristics?

Pellets are made from fine dry biomass which was run through a pellet machine and formed into small compressed pellets of different sizes. Pellets can be used as animal feed, animal bedding or as bio fuel.

2. What are pellets used for?

Biomass pellets are used mainly for heating, while feed pellets are used for animal feeding.

3. What is the raw materials for ? making fuel pellets?

Wood Pellets is mainly made of any wood waste and biomass particles, such as wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, wood logs, straw, rice husk, coffee husk etc. The raw material is renewable and sustainable. They are available locally, so the cost is affordable and predictable.

4. How are the pellets made?

The pellets are made by compacting the mash or meal into many small holes in a die. The finial pellets are pushed from the inside to the outside. 

5. What size pellets do you pellet mill produce? 

The length and diameter of the pellets vary according to the size of the die in the pellet mill. Our machine can be adjusted according to you demand. 

6. Can I make pellets out of a huge supply of wood chips? 

Yes, but you will have to grind them down to a sawdust form before feeding into the pellet mill. Our wood hammer mills is able to meet your demand. 

7. If I purchase a pellet mill, will you show me how to make pellets? 

Yes. We will be happy to show you how to make pellets according to your needs. We are always ready to support you if you need help. 

8. If I want to order a bulk pellet mills, do you have them in stock? 

At present we have bulk of pellet machine in stock. When we get you order, the pellet mills you demand within 2 weeks. If you want to install a complete pellet production line, we will send you professional expert for free technology support. 

9. How are the pellets made by the ring die pellet mill? 

Small particle sized material feeding into the pelletizing machine; two rollers will press the material into the 6mm or 8mm stainless steel ring die to form a solid pellet. However, different material needs different ring die, mainly depending on the material compress ratio. We design the appropriate taper and thickness of the die to create press for the lignin to reach sufficient temperature and bind the material together. 

10. Why need to choose right materials use in pellet production line? 

Different material has different characteristic, surely their pellet features will be different. Before you establish you pellet plant, you shall make it clear that the heat valve, ash and nitrogen content etc of your pellets suit your target market. 

11. As Pellet mill manufacture ,what type of machines are offered? 

We offer complete pellet line and many models of Flat Die Pellet mill, Ring Die Pellet mill and Diesel Engine Pellet Mill to meet your wood pellets and feed pellet making requirement. 

12. I have a huge supply of wood chips, can I make pellets out of them? 

Yes, but you will have to grind them down to a sawdust form, to run through the pellet mill. We sell hammer mills that will do that for you. 

13.Is there a formula for making pellets? 

It is more of a process than formula, depending on your raw material. 

14. How do you deliver the pellet presses? 

Transport and worldwide shipping is available.

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