Feed Pellet Mill

Feed pellet mill has very mature technology to make animal feeds such as fish, chicken, cattle, etc. We have sold many complete feed pellet line in the domestic market until now. Any potential and serious customer is welcomed to be our present customers.

Main Structure of feed pellet mill:

This ring die pellet machine mainly consists of feeding device, hardening and tempering device, face plate, press chamber transmission system, overload protection and electrical control system.

Working Principle of feed pellet mill:

The ring die and the roller are the most important components. The ring die is drilled with a lot of hole, and enclose the two rollers which are fixed on a support. Materials after hardening and tempering enter the ring die cover through inclined channel. Under the gravity, centrifugal pull, and the effect of the scraper, the materials will be fed into the compression zone formed by the ring die and the roller. Because the space between the ring die and roller is limited (0.1~0.3mm), the materials will be pressed with great force into the holes on the ring die. During this process it will gain a certain density and shape. After that, the shaped materials will be pushed out and cut into a certain length by the cutter outside of the ring die.

Photos of Ring Die Pellet Mill:

Ring Die Pellet Mills

The Parameter and Data of Ring Die Pellet Mill:

Main motor power
Feeding motor power
Conditioner motor power
Diameter of ring die Diameter of final wood pellet
250 3-10
SZLH35 2.0-7.0t/h 55kw 0.75+0.55kw 2.2kw 350 3-10
SZLH42 8.0-10.0t/h 90kw 1.5+0.55kw 5.5kw 420 3-10
SZLH508 10.0-20t/h 110kw 1.5+0.55kw 7.5kw 520 3-10

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