pellet mill for sawdust

Pellet mill for sawdust is mainly used to process sawdust. It also can be used for straw, pine wood, peanut shell, stalk, etc.

The pellet mill for sawdust has many advantages:

  • It has lower cost and easy to operate. You don’t need to hire professional operators for handling this machine. Simply do as the Instruction Manual says can help you operate it smoothly. It is really an ideal pellet mill for individuals to make biomass wood pellets for their own use.
  • There are wheels under the pellet mill for you to move it to the farm or the field conveniently, so as to save the cost of raw material transportation.
  • Moreover, there is no need to build the workshop for installing this pellet mill for sawdust, thus saving your investment.

3 different types of this pellet mill for sawdust

The pellet mill can be classified into electric pellet mill, diesel pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill.
If you use it at home where has easy access to electricity, then electric driven pellet mill is the best choice for you. Here are the pictures and parameters of electric pellet mill for sawdust.

Mill for Softwood Pellet Mill for Softwood Pellet Mill for Softwood

Model Capacity(KG/H) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG) Dimension(MM)
ZLSP D-Type200B 100-150 3-Phase, 7.5kW 230 1000*430*950
ZLSP D-Type230B 150-200 3-Phase, 11kW 320 1140*470*970
ZLSP D-Type260B 200-300 3-Phase, 15kW 360 1200*500*1070
ZLSP D-Type300B 350-400 3-Phase, 22kW 450 1270*500*1070
ZLSP D-Type360B 400-450 3-Phase, 22kW 500 1270*520*1070
ZLSP D-Type400B 450-500 3-Phase, 30kW 585 1470*600*1150

Video of electric pellet mill for sawdust:

If the place where you want to make sawdust pellets does not have electricity, diesel pellet mill can meet your demand. Below shows photos and technical data of diesel pellet mill for sawdust.

Diesel Pellet Mill   Diesel Pellet Mill Diesel Pellet Mill

Model Capacity(KG/H) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG) Dimension(MM)
ZLSP D-Type200A 120-180 15HP Diesel 240 1180*560*950
ZLSP D-Type230A 180-220 22HP Diesel 310 1180*560*1020
ZLSP D-Type260A 230-330 35HP Diesel 490 1840*700*1160
ZLSP D-Type300A 380-450 55HP Diesel 560 2200*600*1230
ZLSP D-Type400A 450-550 55HP Diesel 790 2270*620*1260


If you have large amount of gasoline, don’t worry, our gasoline pellet mill is your ideal choice. You can contact us for more information.

Our pellet mill for sawdust can produce good quality pellets

The pellets made by our pellet mill have smooth surface, high density and low ash content after burning. So they can be easy to store or transport. When burned in pellet stoves, they release more heat, which consequently help you saving energy cost.

good quality sawdust pellets

If you are interested in our pellet mill for sawdust, it is the right time to consult us!

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