Ring Die Pellet Mill

Ring die pellet mill is most widespread machine now. Its special design is professional for making wood pellet. It has many advantages than flat die pellet mill, such as less wear and tear, more energy efficiency, steady performance etc. It also popular used in the light industry and large wood pellet plant.

The characteristic of our ring die pellet mill is durable ring die and bearings. All our ring pellet mill use stainless steel ring die, and its material, structure and heating processing technology are all different with traditional one. Moreover, we have got best pellet durability indicator through many trials, such as contact area, distance between ring die and roller etc.

The cooling system for the ring die is also we design recently, which used to enlarge its lifetime. Excepting this, imported bearings (NSK) & seals also can help the ring die pellet mill to get better transmission performance, stable operation, and reduced noise

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