Rotary Dryers

The rotary dryer is used to reduce the moisture content of the raw materials before pelletization. The machine is designed to work continuously and automatically, and includes a rotary dryer, screw feeder, cyclone air system, air lock and fan.

The wet material enters the dryer through the feeder in controlled quantities. A rake inside the cylinder distributes the material uniformly in the dryer for maximum exposure to the current of hot air. After traversing the length of the dryer the material is discharged through a star valve at the end with the perfect moisture content.

Rotary Dryer


Structure of rotary dryer

 Technical parameters:

Model Volume (m3)
Power(kW) Reducer Air fan Cyclone Outside dimensions (mm)
HZG1000X10 7.85 4.0 JZQ400 4-72№6C 7.5 φ900 10000X1876X2069 7.5
HZG1200X8 9.1 5.5 JZQ500 4-72№6C 7.5 φ900 8000X2159X5475 8.75
HZG1200X10 11.31 7.5 JZQ500 4-72№6C 11 φ900 10000X2159X2475 9.25
HZG1500X10 17.7 7.5 JZQ500 4-72№6C 15 φ900 10000X26556X2895 15.9
HZG1500X12 21.2 7.5 JZQ500 4-72№6C 15 φ900 12000X2055X28959 17.13
HZG1500X14 24.9 7.5 JZQ500 4-72№10C 18.5 φ1100 14000X2655X2895 18.33
HZG1500X17 30.2 11 JZQ500 4-72№10C 18.5 φ1100 17000X2655X2895 19.50
HZG1800X12 30.5 11 JZQ650 4-72№10C 18.5 φ1100 12000X3060X2980 19.89
HZG1800X14 35.1 11 JZQ650 4-72№10C 18.5 φ1100 14000X3060X2980 20.85
HZG1800X18 45.8 15 JZQ650 4-72№10C 30 φ1500 18000X30609X2980 22.3
HZG2200X14 53.2 15 JZQ750 4-72№10C 30 φ1500 14000X3620X3570 32.23
HZG2200X20 70 18.5 JZQ750 4-72№10C 37 φ1500 20000X3620X3570 36.07
HZG2400X18 81.3 22 JZQ850 4-72№12C 55 φ2000 20000X3860X3760 48.2
HZG2400X20 90.4 22 JZQ850 4-72№12C 55 φ2000 18000X3860X3760 52.0

The rotary dryer may also require a hot blast stove as a source of hot air. The stoves fuels can be the same biomass materialswood, wood pellets, straw, etc.bound for pelletization.

Blast stove


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