Wood Pellet Mills

Wood pellet mills come in a variety of shapes in sizes, but despite of appearances, the essence of the machinery is the die which comes in two types: flat dies and ring dies. While mills with ring dies are most commonly used for commercial production, flat die mills are cheaper, hence more prevalent in residential and farm use. The flat die pellet press was first invented in the early 20th century to produce animal feed. It was only after technological advances in the die and rollers that the functionality of these machines was extended to process biomass materials such as sawdust, straw, corn stalks and grass.

Except for die type, the next most important concern is the mill's power source. Both electric pellet mills and diesel pellet mills are available on the market.

GEMCO wood pellet mills with electric motors:


Wood Pellet Mills Wood Pellet Mills Wood Pellet Mills

Model Production Capacity Power Weight Size
ZLSP200B 80-120 kg/h 7.5 kW 220/230 kg 1000*430*950 mm
ZLSP230B 150-200 kg/h 11kW 290/320 kg 1140*470*970 mm
ZLSP260B 160-220 kg/h 15 kW 330/360 kg 1200*500*1070 mm
ZLSP300B  200-250 kg/h 22 kW 410/450 kg 1270*520*1070 mm
ZLSP360B 250-300 kg/h 22 kW 470/500 kg 1270*520*1070 mm
ZLSP400B 300-350 kg/h 30 kW 630/660 kg 1520*600*1150 mm

GEMCO wood pellet mills with diesel engines:


Wood Pellet Mills                Wood Pellet Mills

Model Production Capacity Power Weight Size
ZLSP120A 30-50 kg/h 8 hp  120/140 kg  870*440*730 mm
ZLSP200A 80-120 kg/h 15 hp  280/310 kg  1180*560*950 mm
ZLSP230A 150-200 kg/h 22 hp  280/310 kg  1180*560*950 mm


NOTE: All of our wood pellet mills are CE and ISO9001 certified.


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