Electric Pellet Mills

We manufacture two types of electric pellet mills, the ZLSP R-Type and the ZLSP D-Type. The D-Type mills have a moving die while the R-Type mills have a moving roller.

pellet mill
ZLSP R-Type Pellet Mill Specifications:

Type Capacity Power (kW) Dimensions (mm) NG/GW (kg)
ZLSP200 R-Type 100-200 kg/h 7.5 kw, 3 phase 1150*560*750 mm 300 kg
ZLSP300 R-Type 250-350 kg/h 22 kw, 3 phase 1350*650*800 mm 420 kg
ZLSP350 R-Type 450-500 kg/h 30 kw, 3 phase 1650*1000*1200 mm 800 kg
ZLSP450 R-Type 600-700 kg/h 37 kw, 3 phase 1800*1100*1350 mm 1100 kg
ZLSP550 R-Type 850-1000 kg/h 45 kw, 3 phase 2000*1000*1500 mm 1500 kg

ratating roller pellet mill


spare parts of pellet mill
R-Type pellet mill Dies and rollers

Pellet Mill Structure:
Pellet Mill Structure

Special Features:
1. The machine's gears are made of high quality, nitrogen-case hardened alloy steel for extended durability.
2. The main shaft is fitted with heavy-load bearings to withstand the repeated application of force, extending its usable life.
pellet press electric pellet mill
wood pellet press electric control cabinet


Power (kw)
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)
ZLSP200B D-Type 100-150 kg/h 7.5 kw, 3 phase 1000*430*950 230
ZLSP230B  D-Type 150-200 kg/h 11 kw, 3 phase 1140*470*970 320
ZLSP260B D-Type 200-300 kg/h 15 kw, 3 phase 1200*500*1070 360
ZLSP300B D-Type 350-400 kg/h 22 kw, 3 phase 1270*520*1070 450
ZLSP360 D-Type 400-450 kg/h 22 kw, 3 phase 1270*520*1070 500
ZLSP400 D-Type 450-500 kg/h 30 kw, 3 phase 1470*600*1150 585


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