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Wood pellets fuel is a kind of green energy made by wood pellet maker. They are made from biomass materials including residues of logging operation and byproducts of saw-milling. There is home wood pellet maker for sale on the market for small scale pellet production. Wood pellets are produced with a low water content with is usually less than 10% and these pellets are also extremely hard. This is also the reason why wood pellets have higher combustion efficiency when compared with wood materials. Small and uniform size also makes wood pellets easy to feed and control. They can be fed to a burner by an auger feed system or by an air powered conveying system. The high density of wood pellets also permits efficient handling, efficient storage and convenient transport over long distance. They can be loaded by blowing, belt conveyor, or gravity. Movement of wood pellets from a tanker to a storage bunker or silo on a customer's premises is efficiently accomplished. Wood pellets stack and flow in a manner very similar to corn allowing corn handling technology and infrastructure to be used without modification.


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Home wood pellet maker is a kind of small pellet machine which is widely used by families or individuals. To know more about home wood pellet maker, you are welcome to contact us!

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