Pellet Mill for Hard Wood

This pellet mill is designed to process the hardwoods, such as Cypress, Elm tree, Hickory, Oak, Lignumvitae, Birch, etc.The pellet mill is spinning roller pellet mill, which adopt advanced technology to make wood pellets. And it can produce pellets without the need of a binder, but with only one time pressing. The gear of gear box uses high quality alloy steel with nitrogen case hardening dispose and grinded accurately and particularly; it has steady transmission, low noise, large bearing capacity, low rising rate in temperature and long life, and many other superiorities.

Photos of Pellet Mill for Hard Wood:

Pellet Mill for Hard Wood Pellet Mill for Hard Wood
Pellet Mill for Hard Wood Pellet Mill Electrical Cabinets

Parameters of Pellet Mill for Hard Wood:

Model Capacity(KG/H) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG) Dimension(MM)
ZLSP R-Type200B 80-120 Three Phase 7.5 215/245 950*450*1050
ZLSP R-Type300B 250-350 Three Phase 22 540/575 1350*750*1400

Hard Wood Pellet Mill Spare Parts:

Pellet Mill Spare Parts Pellet Mill Spare Parts Pellet Mill Spare Parts
Roller shell Roller Flat die

Special Features &advantage of hard wood pellet mill:

Shaft The main shaft is allocated with heavy load Thrust Bearing which bears strong axial force, and has long use life.
Roller  Making wear-resisting process on the roller and flat die, and both sides of flat die can be used to extend the use life. The diameter of pellets varies from 6-12mm, which can be chosen by users freely.
Bearings All of bearings use sealed structure to prevent entering dust, change thework environment of bearings, and extend the use life of bearings.


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