Our History

Biomass pellet making / briquetting equipment & plant in China trace back to 2003 and wood pellet making equipment came into the market around 2004 in China.

GEMCO began exporting wood briquetting machine, small-sized pellet making equipment used for traditional feed pellet processing. However, some of our clients succeeded in applying the history machines to biomass pellet production. This inspired us to enter the biomass energy industry. After intensive study and research, we concluded that our feed pellet machines could in fact produce wood pellets.

GEMCO established a research and development department in 2007 focusing on biomass equipment design and technological innovation. After countless trials and modifications, we finally succeeded in building the GEMCO ZLSP series pellet making equipment and briquette machine. It broke through the limits faced by the feed pellet making machine when utilized for wood pellet production and meets the needs of commercialized biomass pellet production.

GEMCO became China’s largest exporter of pellet making machines according to official customs’ statistics.

GEMCO currently possesses several core patented technologies in the field of biomass briquetting plant and pelletizing plant. Besides small-sized pellet making machines, GEMCO also provides biomass crushing machine, drying machine, agri-waste briquetting machine and complete pellet production lines with capacities of over two tons per hour. We provide a complete range of services to include design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and training. To present, GEMCO has completed several pellet & briquette plant across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. Along with the development of the biomass equipment, GEMCO also supply the biomass stove, biomass burner, biomass boiler, biomass fireplace to meet our clients’ requirement.


“ From the moment that contacted them, they were always worried about me. Helping you find the model that fit my needs, during the shipping process and excellent after-sales service. Without doubt a company which would buy again.”
Charles Avery
“I am very satisfied with the product. Both the material and the manufacturing is of great quality. It exceeded my expectations. At first he was afraid for purchasing the product from a distant place, but once I had it in my hands I knew I had made the correct decision.”
Kelly Kulp
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