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Wood pellet equipment refers to those facilities used in manufacturing wood pellets. It is invented because of the decrease of natural energy resources as well as the environmental awareness of human beings.

wood pellet euqipment with diesel engine pellet equipment with electric motor
Wood Pellet Equipment with diesel engine Electric motor wood pellet equipment

About Wood Pellets

wood pellets

Wood pellets are made from wood, shavings, sawdust, tree branches, and other wood raw materials. Up to today, more and more nations have built their own wood pellet making plants.
Today, the average price of wood pellets in Ukrainian market is EUR 80-100 per ton, while it varies from EUR 180 to 220 in European Union nations. Such a high price can help wood pellet manufacturers earn a lot.
half made wood pellet equipment wood pellet equipment packing
Half-made wood-pellet-equipment Pellet equipment under packing

About Wood Pellet Equipment Suppliers

With time passing by, there have been hundreds of wood pellet equipment suppliers all over the world. Some people may know few companies that have wood pellet equipment for sale, but are not sure about the quality of their wood pellet equipment.


Here we would like to say, we, Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd, is a leading and professional manufacturer of wood pellet equipment. We have more than ten years of designing and exporting these equipments to hundreds of countries and regions, all have won great reputation among our buyers and users.

Our wood pellet equipment has the following advantages:

  • They have four power sources: diesel engine, electric motor, PTO and gasoline engine.
  • We can match the right electric motor for your local power supply: we have the advanced voltage tester facility.
  • We can test your raw materials: you just need to send us your raw materials.
  • We have got CE Certificate, BV Certificate, ISO Certification for our factory and equipments.
  • We can offer wearing spare parts of wood pellet equipment like roller and die at any time you need them.
  • We have the most professional and friendly salesmen and service persons offering help all 24hours. 
pellet machine roller making
Pellet equipment roller making Spare parts roller and die of pellet equipment

If you want us to give you most suitable advice on choosing wood pellet equipment, please feel free to contact us.

“ From the moment that contacted them, they were always worried about me. Helping you find the model that fit my needs, during the shipping process and excellent after-sales service. Without doubt a company which would buy again.”
Charles Avery
“I am very satisfied with the product. Both the material and the manufacturing is of great quality. It exceeded my expectations. At first he was afraid for purchasing the product from a distant place, but once I had it in my hands I knew I had made the correct decision.”
Kelly Kulp
Quality Guaranteed