What is The Difference Between Ring die and Flat Die

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As we all know the working principle of ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill, while when operation, there are still some differences of them.
  • Feeding way: ring die pellet mill adopts machine forced feeding, materials enter the granulating chamber with high speed rotary and distribute through scraper to ensure feed evenly; while the flat die depends on the materials weight, it directly enters into the suppress room, it can feed evenly.

ring die pellet millflat die pellet mill

  • Pressure: in the same diameter mould, the pinch roller of ring die is limited by the mould diameter, so the pressure is restricted; however, the flat die can add the inside the bearing space, choose a big bearing to increase the bearing capability, which not only improve the press power of pinch roller, but also prolongs the life.
  • Discharging way: ring die belongs to high rotary speed, the materials percentage of damage is high, while the percentag eof damage of flat die is low.

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