Make Your Own Pellets with Tractor Wood Pellet Maker

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One of the big disadvantages of pellet stoves is as a home owner couldn't just go out and cut down a tree. You can simply make your own wood pellets with tractor wood pellet maker. This is one area where traditional firewood stoves had an advantage since many home owners can produce their own firewood at a very low cost.


tractor wood pellet maker

Technical Parameters of PTO Pellet Maker

Model Power Capacity Weight(NW/GW) Packing Size
ZLSP120P ≥8 HP 40-80 kg/h 80/100 kg 900*540*900mm
90-180 lbs/h 175/220 lbs 35*21*35inch
ZLSP150P ≥8 HP 50-100 kg/h 90/110 kg 900*540*1020mm
110-220lbs/h 200/245 lbs 35*21*40inch
ZLSP200P ≥15HP 80-120 kg/h 130/150 kg 1000*540*1020mm
180-265lbs/h 290/330 lbs 39*21*40inch
ZLSP230P ≥22HP 120-200kg/h 175/200 kg 1000*540*1020mm
245-440lbs/h 385/440 lbs 39*21*40inch
ZLSP260P ≥30HP 160-250kg/h 235/260 kg 1050*540*900mm
350-550lbs/h 518/580 lbs 41*21*35inch
ZLSP300P ≥55HP 250-400kg/h 305/330 kg 1100*540*1000mm
550-880lbs/h 680/730 lbs 43*21*39inch

Pellets are simple a compressed form of the original material produced by pellet maker machine. They can be made from just about any form of biomass but wood is the most common material to use for heating. Making pellets is a fairly simple process but it takes specialized precision machinery. Because of this most pellets are made in large pellet equipment that can invest tens of thousands of dollars or more into this kind of machinery.

 In recent years pellet maker technology has developed small pellet maker that are lower production but are more affordable. Tractor wood pellet maker is also a kind of small pellet machine. With this, pellet stoves are becoming more appealing as an alternative to wood stoves. You get the convenience of a thermostatic controlled self fueling source of heat and the comfort of wood heat.

Buy one tractor wood pellet maker and then you can make your own wood pellets, this form of heat is becoming more practical and affordable.


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