D-Type Pellet Mill


Pellet fuel is a kind of clean and renewable energy,characterized by its convebient priduction,packaging,storage and transportation.
ZLSP series of flat die pellet mill is the latest development of energy-saving equipment.Through from congeneric pellet mill in domestic and oversea markets with advantages if high efficiency,stable operation,high safety etc.Furthermore,the user can choose different diameter and compression ratio as needed to get the best technical and economic benifits.
ZLSP series of flat die pellet mill for fodder processing is indispensable to the masters of aquaculture,fooder-process factory and individual specialization to process the fodder for rabbits,chicken,hogs,cattle,sheep,fish,shrimp and so on.
In order to get full use of the pellet mill,improve production effiency,ensure work safety and service life,please read the specification before using it.The operation and maintenance must be on the basis of the specification.Do forbid illegal operation.
Purpose and Principles:
Our ZLSP series pellet mill extrude the biomass materials of the forestry and agriculture wastes such as Sawdust,wood chips,straw,rice hulls etc. to mold cylinder pellet fuel.The source of the raw material is wide and the price is low.The production of pellet fuel s glabrous,hard and high-calorific.Furthemore,the user can choose different diameter and compression ratio as needed to get the best technical and economic benefits.
ZLSP series pellet mill use the motor or diesel engine as power.The machines drive the spindle and die through the gear driving.The raw material are forced out of the die hole by the squeeizing action of the die and pressing roll.Then the high quality pellets are produced.The length of the pellets can be controlled by adjusting the postion of the tool bit.

Photos of D-Type pellet mill:

D-Type pellet mill with electric motor:
pellet mill
D-Type pellet mill with diesel engine: 

diesel pellet mill diesel pellet diesel pellet machine

Main technical data and parameter:

Model Power(kw) N.W./G.W.(including power)(kg) Packing measurement(mm)
Including power Excluding power
ZLSP D-Type 120B Single-phase 2.2kw motor,3Phase 3kw motor 80/100 710*390*910 670*390*910
ZLSP D-Type 120A 6-8 HP Diesel 120/140 900*440*730 730*320*670
ZLSP D-Type 150B 3Phase 4kw moter 95/115 750*350*650 700*350*650
ZLSP D-Type 150A 8-12HP Diesel 95/120 880*460*720 770*350*650
ZLSP D-Type 200B 3Phase 7.5kw moter 200/230 1000*430*900 900*430*950
ZLSP D-Type 200A 15-18HP Diesel 210/240 1000*460*950 1000*460*900
ZLSP D-Type 230B 3Phase 11kw moter 290/320 1140*470*970 980*470*870
ZLSP D-Type 230A 22-24HP Diesel 280/310 1180*560*1020 1090*520*820
ZLSP D-Type 260B 3Phase 15kw moter 330/360 1200*500*1070 1120*490*1070
ZLSP D-Type 300B 3Phase 22kw moter 410/450 1270*520*1070 1170*520*1070
ZLSP D-Type 300A 55HP Diesel 650/700 2200*600*1210 2000*600*1070