Instruction Manual of Pellet Mill

Grinding-in the Pellet Mill New Die

Before using pellet mill, the die should be grinding-in as follows: Prepare 5kg raw materials and 1 kg silver sand, then mix them sufficiently and inject 1 kg used oil. Start the pellet mill and put in all the mixed materials. Then adjusted the pressing roll bolt until it outputs normally. Keep pellet mill working with materials for an hour. Then put in normal raw materials and begin to produce. If the pellet mill can't work regularly, loosen the bolt until it works.

If the pellet mill can't output yet, clean the oily material or the dry material in the die by steel nail, then grinding-in again.

After a full day's work, when there are no raw materials left in the pelletized tank, inject the oily material to avoid the die hole being blocked. You will save a lot of time for next work day.