Used pellets as a source of pellets

U.S. companies discard approximately 4 billion board feet per year of wood pallets

and containers. Manufacturing fuel pellets from this wasted wood may bean alternative

to disposal. This study traces the development of biomass energy and the wood pellet

industry in the United States and considers the production aspects of making pellets from

used pallets. In addition, an attempt is made to analyze the current market for wood

pellets and pellet stoves and ascertain the industry’s views on exports. The study

concludes that the rising cost of raw material to manufacture pellets encourages the use

of used pallets. If this resource is tapped, it could be a useful fuel source for the residential,

commercial, and industrial market. At present, wood pellets and pellet stoves are mainly

sold in the domestic market, with some exports, which might change in the future

considering the growing interest in exports.