Electric Pellet Mill

There are two kind of electric pellet mills, they all are suitable to produce wood pellet. We got some feedback from our customers after

they used our flat die pellet press. They gave us some suggestions about operating this machine to produce wood pellet. Hope it is helpful for you:

1) Best moisture is 15% for all materials
2) The temperature is constant bewteen 90-95'C, you have to take over the pellet just coming out from this pellet press and cooling it before touching it by hand.  

Furthermore, we improved our machine to be more suitable to produce wood pellet after absorbing & digesting the feedback from our customers.

3)Special raw material on the main parts such as roller, template, matrix, prolonging the life than other similar products in China when process wood pellet

after this modification.

4)Modify the whole in the matrix to improve performance of the machines. It's easier to make pellet.
5) We have got the CE Certificate from SGS to meet EU client's requirement.

1.2. Overview

pellet mill

Type Capacity Power (kw) Dimension (mm) NG/GW (kg)
ZLSP-200 R-Type 100-200KG/h 7.5kw,3phase 1150*560*750mm 300kg
ZLSP-300 R-Type 250-350kg/h 22kw,3phase 1350*650*800mm 420kg
ZLSP-350 R-Type 450-500kg/h 30kw, 3phase 1650*1000*1200mm 800kg
ZLSP-450 R-Type 600-700kg/h 37kw, 3phase 1800*1100*1350mm 1100kg
ZLSP-550 R-Type 850-1000kg/h 45kw, 3phase 2000*1000*1500mm 1500kg

ratating roller pellet mill


spare parts of pellet mill
Rotating Roller Pellet Mill Spare Parts of Pellet Mill

Pellet Mill Structure
Pellet Mill Structure

1. Lubricating the bearing.
2. Lubricating the gears in gear box.
Special Features:
1. The gear of gear box uses high quality alloy steel with nitrogencase hardening dispose and grinded accurately and particularly;
it has steady transmission , low noise, big bearing capacity, low rising rate in temperature, and long life.
2.The main shaft is allocated with heavy load Thrust Bearing which can bear strong axial force, and has long user life.

Noted: the capacity above is used to process sawdust, straw, stalk, wood chips, and other biomass materials.

pellet press electric pellet mill
wood pellet press electric control cabinet


Power (kw)
Dimension (mm)
Weight (kg)
ZLSP200B D-Type 100-150kg/h 7.5kw, 3phase 1000*430*950mm 230kg
ZLSP230B  D-Type 150-200kg/h 11kw, 3phase 1140*470*970mm 320kg
ZLSP260B D-Type 200-300kg/h 15kw, 3phase 1200*500*1070mm 360kg
ZLSP300B D-Type 350-400kg/h 22kw, 3phase 1270*520*1070mm 450kg
ZLSP360 D-Type 400-450kg/h 22kw, 3phase 1270*520*1070mm 500kg
ZLSP400 D-Type 450-500kg/h 30kw, 3phase 1470*600*1150mm 585kg

Noted: the capacity above is used to process sawdust, straw, stalk, wood chips, and other biomass materials.

1 Upper hopper 1 20 Big bearing cap 1
2 Adjusting screw 2 21 Discharge plate 1
3 Upper shell 1 22 Main shaft big bearing 1
4 Lower shell 1 23 Main shaft small bearing 1
5 Dipstick 1 24 Connect gear plate 1
6 Checking window 1 25 Bevel gear 1
7 Output gate 1 26 Pressuring roller bearing 4
8 Gear-box 4 27 Pressuring roller 2
9 Base wheel 1 28 Template/die 1
10 Current meter 1 29 Horizontal shaft big bearing 1
11 Voltmeter 1 30 Horizontal shaft cover 1
12 Electricity box 1 31 Angle gear 1
13 Electricity box support 1 32 Horizontal shaft small bearing 1
14 Basis 1 33 Framework oil seal 1
15 Generator 1 34 Cushion 1
16 Pressuring roller bearing cover 1 35 Gibbosity 1
17 Main shaft cap.lock . flat ring 1 36 Initiative shaft coupling 1
18 Main shaft 1 37 Passivity shaft coupling 1
19 Knife 1